Wiśniewski, Jakub

Wiśniewski, Jakub

Vice President for Strategy, GLOBSEC, Bratislava

Jakub is former Polish Ambassador to the OECD (2014-2016) and Director of the Department of Foreign Policy Strategy at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2010-2014). He is the author of a book, several publications and articles on the EU, including social policy, migration policy and EU foreign and security policy. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, he was in charge of drafting “Polish Foreign Policy Priorities 2012-2016” and acted as a speechwriter for former Minister of Foreign Affairs Radek Sikorski. Jakub holds PhD in Arts of Political Science, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism from the University of Warsaw.


Wednesday 16 June

  • Bridging the Rift and Restoring Trust in Politics and Societies

    How to reconcile increasingly polarised societies – divided along the lines of politics, social groups, and economy? How to make sure that we have a common ground and a shared path forward nationally and internationally? What is the role of public trust towards institutions and governments, and how to rebuild it after the pandemic? How to reshape public-private partnerships to maximize both economic efficiencies and trust?

    • Fukuyama, Francis
    • Breka, Sandra
    • Wiśniewski, Jakub
    • Shepherd, Robin

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