Hudák, Vazil

Hudák, Vazil

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, GLOBSEC, Bratislava

Mr. Hudák has recently been appointed an EU Envoy for SMEs. He currently also serves as   Vice-Chairman at GLOBSEC and Advisor to the Government of the Czech Republic on the establishment of the National Development Fund. 

Prior to these positions, between 2016 and 2019 he held a position as Vice-President at the European Investment Bank. During the Slovak EU Presidency in 2016, Mr Hudák was the Chief Negotiator for the EU Budget, who was in charge of EU Budget 2017 negotiations.  

Among other roles, Mr Hudák was Vice-President of Economic and Financial Committee at the Council of the EU from 2014 to 2015, Chairman of the Board at Slovak Investment Holding & Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank as well as Member of the Council of the Bank   at International Bank for Reconstruction and International Investment Bank between 2014   and 2016. 

As the Industry Head of the Public Sector for Central and Eastern Europe at J.P. Morgan Chase from 2010 to 2012, he was responsible for the operations in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Mr Hudák holds a degree in International relations and diplomacy from Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a JUDr degree in International law from Charles University in Prague.


Wednesday 16 June

  • Winners & Losers of the Pandemic

    Who are the winners and losers of the pandemic – internationally, within countries, and within sectors? Apart from the clear winners and losers, what should policy do about the ‘in-betweens’ to facilitate a potent, sustainable, equitable recovery?

    • Gurría, Angel
    • Broadman, Harry G.
    • Stubb, Alexander
    • Hudák, Vazil

    Recessions and shocks change the structure of the economy, accompanied by the flourishing of some sectors and shrinkage of others. Like other crises, the COVID-19 crisis seems to be creating winners and losers across economies, sectors, and employment.

    The lockdown shock inhibits physical commerce and jobs in sectors, such as high street retailers, office property, fossil fuels, travel, entertainment, accommodation, and food services but also reallocating vast resources into industries, such as pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, tech manufacturing, renewables, fintech and digital entertainment.


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