Bridge, Nick

Bridge, Nick

Special Representative for Climate Change, Government of the United Kingdom, London

The Foreign Secretary appointed Nick Bridge as Special Representative for Climate Change in May 2017. 

Nick was previously Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the OECD from 2011 to 2016. He served as Chief Economist at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Head of Global Economy Department. He has served for over a decade in diplomatic postings to China, Japan and the United States. 

Nick formerly worked in the Treasury, where he co-led a $4 billion facility to immunize half a billion people in the developing world and was an economist in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. 

Born in 1972 in Yorkshire, Nick graduated in economics from the University of Nottingham.


Thursday 17 June

  • Political Leadership in Climate Change: United We Stand?

    What recent changes in international cooperation, collaboration, and competition in the realm of climate action can be observed or expected in the near future? What can we expect and cautiously hope for as the world comes together again in Glasgow, to get the Paris Agreement back on track?

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    Expectations for this year’s COP 26 are high. While pre-pandemic global challenges remain, transatlantic unity around the issues of climate change has been restored with willing and able climate champions on both sides of the Atlantic. After a hiatus, the US Administration re-joined the Paris Agreement this year and placed climate change back at the top of its domestic political agenda. This is a momentum to capitalize on, along with the once-in-a-lifetime stimulus funding on the table. With less margin for error than ever, the world now needs to focus on the global imperative of recovering better inclusively, digitally, and sustainably.


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