Sawiris, Miroslava

Sawiris, Miroslava

Senior Research Fellow, Democracy & Resilience Programme, GLOBSEC Policy Institute, Bratislava
Within the Democracy & Resilience Programme Miroslava analyses malign efforts to undermine democratic societies, as well as strategies, tools and actors involved in influence operations. She has led research projects focusing on the impact of disinformation campaigns on electoral processes in Europe, public opinion poll surveys and societal vulnerabilities towards information manipulation. Among her further interests are strategic communication and digital platforms’ regulation. She is a review board member of the project advocating for a more transparent information environment by defunding disinformation sites and she leads GLOBSEC’s Alliance for Healthy Infosphere which joins organizations from 7 EU member states advocating for meaningful regulation of the digital space. She holds a BA degree in Arabic and Russian Civilisation from the University of Leeds and an MA degree in International Relations from the University of York.

Thursday 17 June

  • Defeating the Infodemic?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by a huge flood of disinformation surrounding the virus and the fight against it. The Information chaos wreaked on societies through the accelerated dissemination of misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories has been labelled as an ‘infodemic’ by the WHO. Still, some countries managed to have a successful vaccination strategy with both a fast pace of vaccination and a willingness to get vaccinated. Good strategic communication can save lives.

    • Collis, Henry
    • Frost, Melinda
    • Sawiris, Miroslava
    • Belluz, Julia

    How to secure trust in vaccinations in a world flooded with disinformation and conspiracy theories? What have been the biggest challenges observed in preparing the societal trust in vaccination and what can we learn from them for the future?


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