Lind, Jan-Olof

Lind, Jan-Olof

State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Defence

Mr. Jan-Olof Lind was appointed as the State Secretary by the Minister of Defence in January 2019.

Between 2010-2018, Mr Lind was Director-General at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

Before that, he was Acting Director-General, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Chair for the Research & Technology Directors at European Defence Agency (EDA), Deputy Director-General, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), National Armaments Director (NAD) of Sweden, Acting Director-General, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), Director at the Ministry of Defence, Department for Military Affairs and Principal Secretary in the Government Commission on Officer training and education.

Mr Lind has studied Economics and Business Administration at Stockholm University.


Tuesday 15 June

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