Bartoš, Ivan

Bartoš, Ivan

Chairman, Czech Pirate Party, Prague

PhDr. Ivan Bartoš, PhD. Is the chairman of the Czech Pirate Party. He led Czech Pirates in the 2017 elections to the Chamber of Deputies when the party entered the lower chamber of the Parliament for the first time since its formation. Czech Pirates are the third-largest party in the Chamber of Deputies with 22 out of 200 seats. 

Ivan Bartoš is also Chairman of the Committee of Public Administration and Regional Development of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. He sees his party as the one and only truly democratic political platform in the Czech Republic that attempts to reflect the reality of this millennium. “The technologies we now have at our disposal are extremely beneficial and have the potential of making our lives easier in the long run. They must not, however, become a tool of digital totality.” The principles he values the most are freedom and mutual tolerance.  

He studied at the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship at the Charles University’s Faculty of Arts where he received his PhD in Information Sciences, whereupon he continued studying as a doctoral student specializing in database models and systems and internet information services. He participated in several activities and projects regarding information politics, civic rights and knowledge society.  

In 2020 Ivan Bartoš was re-elected as the chairman of the Czech Pirate Party also becoming its leader for the upcoming 2021 parliamentary elections. After forming a coalition with Mayors and Independents, Ivan Bartoš became the coalition’s prime ministerial candidate.


Wednesday 16 June

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