Tsomokos, Symeon

Tsomokos, Symeon

Founder and President, Delphi Economic Forum, Athens

Symeon Tsomokos is the Founder and President of Delphi Economic Forum, an independent and impartial non-profit organization committed to deliver and promote innovative ideas for sustainable and competitive growth for Southeast Europe.   

He established SGT S.A in Athens in 1997, and TGI in Belgrade in 2001 and in Brussels in 2016, which he presides successfully all these years.  

He is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in the region of Thessaly in Greece. 

He is also the Founder of the Business Council for the Greece-United States, the Greek-Hungarian Business Council, the Greek-Egyptian Business Council, while in 2006 he established the Greece-Serbia Chamber of Commerce which he presides.

In the past, he has served as Commercial Specialist at the US Embassy in Athens (1973-1980) and CEO at the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (1980-1997). He has also served as Secretary-General & Treasurer of the Council of the American Chambers of Commerce based in Europe (1990-1993) and as Secretary-General of the Business Council Greece-Turkey (1993-1998).  In 1993, he was an Eisenhower Exchange Fellow.


Wednesday 16 June

  • Political Extremism Goes Virtual and International

    Why is the far-right movement growing in popularity in Europe and in the U.S.? Are the reasons for these trends interrelated? What is the role of social media in propagating extreme right narrative in Europe and in the United States? How significant are international networks and connections in the world of right-wing extremism? What are the political reasons to employ the far-right narrative and what are the mechanisms that could be useful to counter this narrative?

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