Valachyova, Martina

Valachyova, Martina

Senior State Advisor, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava

Martina Valachyová is a Senior State Advisor at the Defence Policy Department of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic. At this position, she specializes in multilateral defence cooperation with NATO and UN as well as bilateral defence cooperation with the United States and Canada.  

Prior to this, she served at the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. As a Chief State Advisor at the Media Law Department, she focused on the freedom of media, disinformation and the protection of journalists representing the Ministry in the Cultural Affairs Committee and Audiovisual Working Party of the Council of the European Union.  

Ms Valachyová began her professional career at the International Criminal Court and EUROJUST. She is passionate about human rights and human security.  

She holds a Master Degree in International Law from University College London and a second Master Degree in Law from Comenius University in Bratislava.