Volkov, Leonid

Volkov, Leonid

Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager for Alexey Navalny, Vilnius

Russian politician, chief of staff and campaign manager for Alexey Navalny.  

Currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania, he oversees the political operations of Navalny’s political organisation both within Russia and abroad.  

Leonid is also a founder of the Internet Protection Society, a Russian digital rights NGO.


Thursday 17 June

  • Democratic Change in Russia: How to Increase the Odds

    State authorities in Russia, but also in other countries around the world, are severely limiting space for civil society, political expression, and independent media. What are the prospects for reverting these trends? How can democratic transition happen in countries where authorities in place refuse to acknowledge the public desire for change? What can other countries and international organizations do to support peaceful democratic transition?

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