Ockrent, Christine

Ockrent, Christine

Journalist, France Culture, Paris

Christine Ockrent is a columnist and writer based in Paris. She writes regularly on French, European and international issues for various European publications.

A regular contributor to the BBC and other TV and radio networks, she anchors a weekly radio program on foreign affairs on France Culture public radio.

She has published 16 books and essays – the latest one: “The pandemic and the battle of narratives.”

Previously she was COO of the French Radio and TV World service (France 24 and RFI). She was also editor in chief of the weekly news magazine, L'Express.


Wednesday 16 June

  • The New Transatlantic Agenda: Trumped No More

    How will the Biden leadership shape the Alliance? How can Europe get its house in order to become a more equal partner to the USA and what needs to be done for it to get on a more equal footing? What leverage does the EU have in relations with the USA and what can the Europeans offer to their transatlantic partner? What will be the key areas where Europe and America need to cooperate?

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