Van Bellinghen, Michel

Van Bellinghen, Michel

Chairman, BEREC, Riga

Michel Van Bellinghen, Master of Laws (UCL), started off at the university in 1990 as a researcher, then became an assistant under the supervision of Professor Françoise Tulkens, at the UCL Laws Centre for Criminal Law. 

He became an assistant advisor at the Ministry of Justice in 1992 under the supervision of Professor Marc Bossuyt and joined the BIPT in 1997. From 1999 to 2003 he held the position of an expert at the private office of Rik Daems, who was the Federal Telecommunications Minister at the time and afterwards took up the function of Assistant Head of the Private Office. From 2003 until 2009 he was nominated Member of the BIPT Council for the first time. Following this mandate, he remained closely affiliated with the Council and supervised the legal department of the regulator for a number of years. He has written scientific publications. 

In 2013 he held a position on the Council as a Member. In January 2017 he was assigned Chairman of the BIPT Council. Michel Van Bellinghen has been elected to serve as Chair of BEREC in 2021.


Thursday 17 June

  • A 5G Future: Not Just Smoke and Mirrors

    What are the necessary and urgent next steps to build out nationwide full 5G networks in Europe? What benefits will the full 5G coverage bring to Europe’s citizens and businesses? What needs to happen so that 5G becomes a thriving platform for innovation and competitiveness across Europe?

    • Van Bellinghen, Michel
    • O’Donohue, Pearse
    • Pehrsson, Ulf
    • Numa, Anett

    Ensuring all European businesses and citizens have timely access to 5G coverage is vital to ensure a well-functioning and competitive single market. This is due to fact that connectivity will be an increasingly critical input for economic innovation and social wellbeing. However, building a 5G network only for coverage is not enough. Europe needs a mid-band deployment allowing for full 5G performance. This is the way leading markets are deploying 5G today. At the same time, if Europe wants to lead in the Edge Cloud technologies, high performing 5G networks are a prerequisite.

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