Wang, Huiyao

Wang, Huiyao

Founder and President, Center for China and Globalization, Beijing

Dr. Huiyao (Henry) Wang is the Founder and President of the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), a Counselor to the China State Council appointed by the Chinese Premier. He is Dean of Institute of Development Studies of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics of China, a Steering Committee Member of Paris Peace Forum, a Steering Committee Member of Metropolis International, and also sits on the Advising Board of Duke-Kunshan University, and on the Advising Board of Richard Ivey Business School of Canada. He served as an expert for World Bank, IOM and ILO, Chief Trade Representative for the Quebec Government Office in Hong Kong and Greater China, Director of Asia at SNC-Lavalin, and Vice President at AMEC-AGRA in Canada.  

Dr Wang pursued his PhD degree at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Manchester. He was a Visiting Fellow at The Brookings Institution, a Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and a Senior Fellow at Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada. His latest English books include The Globalization of Chinese Enterprises: Trends and Characteristics (Springer, 2020); Handbook on China and Globalization (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2019); China’s Domestic and International Migration Development (Springer, 2019); China Goes Global: The Impact of Chinese Overseas Investment on Transforming Business Enterprises, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Dr Wang is a frequent speaker at international events such as the World Economic Forum, Munich Security Conference, Paris Peace Forum, WTO Public Forum, Munk Debate, Berlin Foreign Policy Forum, and Milken Global Forum.


Tuesday 15 June

  • Global Trade - Optimism Restored?

    Are we on the brink of a new chapter in global trade? What could the new emerging trade map between the USA, Europe and Asian countries look like?

    • Malmström, Cecilia
    • Wang, Huiyao
    • Danger, Susan
    • Molterer, Wilhelm
    • Vakulina, Sasha

    International trade has made a significant contribution to the expansion of the global economy and has been a vital instrument for inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. But the multilateral trading system was already facing acute challenges before COVID-19, and the pandemic has wreaked havoc on trade and supply chains, erasing years of economic gains in some cases.

    The silver lining is the renewed political impetus for both, global economic governance and international economic cooperation, that comes with new US political leadership. How can this momentum be seized to restore and rebrand the WTO and its decision-making body for a strong, transparent, and fair multilateral trading system and enhance trust among Members?

    Maria Theresia

    Grand Hotel River Park