Havránek, Jan

Havránek, Jan

Deputy Minister for Defence Policy and Strategy, Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Jan Havránek, as the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic, is responsible for defence policy and strategy. Prior to his appointment, he was the Policy Adviser at the Policy Planning Unit of the Office of the NATO Secretary-General in Brussels. He previously served as the Head of Defense Section at the Czech Republic’s Permanent Representation to NATO in Brussels (2014-2017); Assistant First Deputy Minister of Defense (2013-2014); and foreign policy advisor to Minister of Defence (2010-2012). In 2013, he was named to the Diplomatic Courier’s annual list of the “Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders.” His other engagements have included cooperation with GLOBSEC’s Defence Austerity V4 projects (2011-2013), fellowship at Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA, 2013-2014); and work for the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI, 2003-2006) and the Association for International Affairs in Prague (AMO, 2002-2007). Jan holds a master’s degree in international security studies from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (2009).


Tuesday 15 June

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