Heger, Eduard

Heger, Eduard

Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

Eduard Heger was sworn in as Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic on April 1st, 2O21.  Prior to being head of the government, he served as Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

As a member of parliament for the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities since 2016, Eduard Heger has been head of the Special Control Committee of the National Council of SR, to control the activities of military intelligence and member of the Economic Affairs and European Affairs Committees. 

He also served as a consultant at the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, where he participated in the Reform of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. 

Prior to his rich political career, H.E. Heger worked as a Country Manager of Old Nasau Imports in the United States and as a manager and consultant at several businesses based in Bratislava. His main expertise is business, marketing and economy, as he holds a degree in Business and Marketing from the Economic University in Bratislava.


Tuesday 15 June

  • The EU Economic Reboot: On Track Towards Resilient Economies?

    Will the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) suffice as the main vehicle for a post-COVID19 recovery, and what are some other instruments key to recovery? What are the cornerstones of national strategies for post-COVID19 recoveries? History has shown that successful recovery spending – at the EU level and at home – is a high-stake challenge: how can the implementation bottlenecks be overcome to place the region of Central Europe on the trajectory towards sustainable, green and intelligent growth?

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    The policy response to the pandemic has been hotly debated among EU capitals since spring 2020. A shared solution materialized a rescue package five times larger than the Marshall Plan, with the aim of providing relief and increasing EU economies’ resilience. EU capitals have been hard-pressed to submit detailed recovery plans with implementation milestones to Brussels to access their fund allocations and begin rebuilding. The hope has been that by pushing through unpalatable reforms together with sizeable funds underwritten by 27 member states, that the EU economy can be jumpstarted. Twelve months fast-forward, the jury is out to openly evaluate progress made towards the coveted resilient EU.

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