Session Summary: GLOBSEC Talk: Human Brain-Scale Artificial Intelligence: Coming to Us Soon

Radoslav Danilák, Co-Founder and CEO, Tachyum


Mr Danilák touched upon yesterday's debates of prime ministers in regards to digitalization which was and still is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the aspects is, it is not for free. Last year more than 3% of electricity was consumed by data centres. On top of that data centre are growing above 15% per year. In 10 years from now, almost 30% of the planet electricity will be used by data centres. Having that Tachyum reduces the use of energy by 10 times, it would mean we would consume less energy than today. Humanity cannot stop using digitalization 

Another aspect of digitalization is AI. And the reason why it is important, based on various studies, in the next 10 years 40% of GDP growth will come from AI. 

AI is used everywhere. The next stage is to bring AI that is able to function faster and more effectively than the human brain. Why is it important? It will cause an AI revolution. The expectation of such is expected very soon, in fact, there are expecting new AI technologies to be made in Slovakia already next year. That would benefit Slovakia.  

The priority of the EU in the next few years is technological sovereignty. The reason why we are bringing the importance of AI, compared to the industrial revolution, where it took over 100 years for people to transition from agriculture to manufacturing, AI revolution will be very fast. This also means people will be unable to quickly adapt. Which brings some risk of instability. So it is about the right time for the government, governmental representatives, scientists and others to discuss more AI, replacement of human workforce or economy.