Session Summary: Towards the EU that Delivers

Martin Klus, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic  

Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic  

Monika Hohlmeier, Chair, Committee on Budgetary Control, European Parliament

Led by: Ania Nussbaum, Reporter, Bloomberg, Paris


The EU brings a lot of advantages to its citizens, including but not limited to free movement, the EURO currency, respect for human rights and peace and security. However, the pandemic has shown that the expectations of the public were set higher than the EU could deliver, especially in terms of speed. Yet, that reflects the communities, “it was a democratic time” as Mr Beaune called it. Therefore, the next two years will be crucial as the concrete deliveries of the recovery plan will come that should bring more digital, more green Europe to future generations. However, as Mr Klus emphasized, “we need more than just a recovery and resilience plan.” Mr Beaune continued that “If the recovery plan works, it will be easier and necessary to open the discussion on a 10-year investment plan” 

Therefore, one of the priorities should be strategic communication based not only on informing the citizens about what is happening but also on explaining how and why it is happening. The EU and its member states need to talk to the people and for that also the conference on Future of Europe is taking place.